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2012 IMAGES:

Commodore to the top!

2011 IMAGES:
Thanks to everyone who contributed photos this year: Carl, Elaine, Glenn, J-P, Mark, Oscar, Rob.

2011.09.04 - Annual Corn Boil :
A special thanks to Michelle and Glenn who organized the Corn Boil, and to all who helped.

Representing the pride of the Club
Crowd arriving John's group Great music Grub line starts!
Shucking Waiting Great stuff! The crowd!
Aerial They look Happy! Second cob? Good food, good talk!
Serious! Your burger looks better! The saladers! Burger Co-chefs!
Corn Dept Chef The crowd! Aerial Hi up there!
Our colours and
a menacing sky
But it didn't rain!
Great Party

110804-07 - SailEast
Simon LeBlanc


Aerial 2011.07.10 Anne et Ted at SailEast MAME ET PAPE Maurice's hydrofoil
Raftup - Steve, Rod, Mark JEP patrols SILHOUETTE Inshore Rescue
Joy of speed!

A selection of photos from previous years.