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SBYC - Able Sail

SBYC has been pleased to act as the host site for the Able Sail program since 1989.

On July 13, 1985, six skippers from the Pointe-du-Chêne Yacht Club and the Shediac Bay Yacht Club invited 14 young persons with disabilities to come sailing (on both sail and power boats) with them on Shediac Bay. The project was called "Able Sail" and thanks to the generosity of local skippers who volunteered their time and boats, continued each summer until 1989, when enthusiasm was such that Able Sail purchased their first boat (a Freedom Independence 20), named in memory of one of its most enthusiastic young participants - Gordon McRae.

Able Sail is the oldest active organization in Canada offering sailing to persons with disabilities. Please visit the Able Sail site to learn more about this excellent program which helps integrate persons with disabilities into recreational and sport sailing.

Able Sail crew summer 2012: Pierre Coutellier, Gina Ford, Patrick Allain, Simon Richard, Julie Daigle

From the Moncton Times&Transcript July 18, 2011:
"On July 13, 1985, six skippers took to the sea with 14 people with disabilities on sail and power boats.

Ever since, Able Sail has been allowing those with disabilities the opportunity to sail the Shediac Bay each summer.

And this summer is no different.

They have recently started their 2011 summer sailing program, which will run until Aug. 26.

The popular and rewarding program typically provides 150 to 200 outings, helping about 250 individuals from the Greater Moncton and Shediac areas to enjoy an outing on the water. With no previous experience being necessary, staff is inviting anyone out to enjoy sailing, no matter the disability.

Able Sail has two specially equipped boats, the 20 foot long Freedom 20 called the Gordon McRae, which was named in memory of one of Able Sail's first passengers, and a 16 foot long Martin 16 called the Michael Dunn.

The Gordon McRae has two counterweighted seats to suit the comfort and safety of its passengers. It's used for recreational sailing and can accommodate up to six adults. Passengers get to enjoy an hour and a half cruise of the Shediac Bay.

The Michael Dunn suits a single person with room for an instructor to enjoy a one on one lesson.

Staff says there is a hydraulic lift if the passenger uses a wheelchair.

Sailing appointments are available between the hours of 10:00 AM and 8:00 PM every day of the week.

* For more information, visit www.ablesail.ca or call 533-9750."